Around Pattaya

Day Trips and Diving

Koh Lan

About seven kilometers from Pattaya is Koh Lan, a 205-meter-high island surrounded by coral reefs. Visitors can choose a 45-minute ferry ride from Bali Hai Pier or save half an hour by booking a private speedboat. Once on the island, you’ll enjoy crunchy white sand beaches and crystal-clear water. Be forewarned, the main beach can be quite busy during the high season or long weekends.

Koh Phai

Twenty-three kilometers off the coast of Pattaya is the nature reserve island known as Koh Phai. The island features a 150-meter-high limestone rock formation, some secret coves, and many dive sites. Smaller islands surrounding Koh Phai have active coral reefs. In 2003 the US Navy ship HTMS Khram was sunk 300 meters East of Koh Phai, creating what is now a thriving coral reef.


Sights and Excursions

Many amusement parks designed to entertain the whole family are operating in Pattaya.


Thai Cultural Sites