Global Property Construction

Since 2001, Global Property has been active in project development and project management. Our projects were designed and constructed especially for the needs of our European customers. Anyone who has ever tried to build a house in Thailand had to face many unpleasant surprises. Save yourself this hassle and contact Global Property. We offer a comprehensive, personal, quick and reliable service. Besides buying and selling private and commercial apartments, houses and land, we also take over the project management of your new building and do conversions and renovations of all kind.

Talk to us about your plans. The land plot for your new building should allow rain water to run freely to the street or into drains. Please consider: suburban houses have the advantage of short distances (shopping, school, restaurants), but the noise of the city may sometimes mean sleepless nights. Outside the city, there is a much larger supply of homes at more affordable prices and with larger plots. The country life offers tranquility and nature, but also longer travel and for example the danger, that a snake might stray on your property.


Global Property ConstructionImportant are the foundation (at least 40 cm above the ground) and the roof of the building. People raising their house from the plot level will get wet feet during the rainy season. A widely overlapping roof protects the walls against rain and sun. The steeper the roof slope, the better. With a roof vent, the hot air can escape. The patio should be roofed and sufficiently large, because you are likely to spend a lot of time there. Important are also considerations with regard to the safety of your home and its residents.

Whether to build a house in a village or outside is also a question of safety and comfort (services such as street cleaning, common pool and clubhouse). Of great importance is also a professional grounding to protect against electric shocks. The implementation of a construction project is a major challenge, especially for foreigners. Problems with the building quality and execution, delays in the completion of the house, or bankruptcy of the construction company are common problems. Avoid such risks with Global Property.

We build to international standards and can assist you from the initial design stage through to the completion of your property. Global Property offers professional turnkey construction services. We provide our customers with quality, style and value for money. We are able to present a complete professional package and can assist/advise you with everything including architectural plans, construction, installation, kitchen design, security systems, jacuzzi/sauna, and entertainment systems. We provide consulting, individual planning and construction of your own swimming pool. When planting your garden, you can be sure that it will become a tropical paradise. We later take over the cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool and the maintenance of your garden. Whatever you want, we have the appropriate solution for you.

Energy conservation is an important issue in Thailand: we will advise you with regard to air conditioning systems, heat recovery, roof insulation, PVC window systems and provide you with a computer calculation for your energy savings.

Global Property will turn your dreams and aspirations into reality. Our professional team will analyse your objectives and assist you in achieving your goals. If you are looking for a professional team to discuss your construction needs, please contact our HOTLINE 082 469 5551.