Thailand Elite Club

The Thailand Elite Club was formed to serve visitors and long-stay guests in Thailand that want VIP treatment.  Membership is flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of the cardholder.  Five, ten, and even twenty-year visas are available to members

Update: 29/12/2023
We are pleased to announce the start of new categories of privileged long-term visas Thailand Elite.

The company has completely revised the visa categories, leaving only 3 clear options, and also changed the concept of visas in terms of additional privileges. Now, in addition to the basic and already understandable privileges of the elite club (such as a personal assistant and fast track in the airport, 24/7 club members, etc), additional privileges are also provided from 5 categories of services: Stay, Travel, Leisure, Wealth and Well being (for example, transfers, spa, investment advice, entertainment and leisure facilities, hospital check-up, fitness, restaurants and hotels and much more). Within the included points (their number varies depending on the type of visa), you can independently choose additional privileges at your own discretion.

We also would like to inform you about some changes for applying for a Thailand Elite visa. From January 2024, Thailand Elite will implement a visa application fee of 50,000 baht. If the visa is approved, further payment will be reduced by this amount; if the application is rejected, this fee will be returned to the applicant.

And great news: a 20-year visa will be available for application

The innovation in terms of the point system will allow participants to use a greater number of different privileges for a comfortable stay in the country: for recreation, health and entertainment. The list of partners will be constantly updated and supplemented.

3 new categories of Thailand Elite visas:

1) Visa for 5 years, Gold Membership with price 900,000 baht.
This is an individual type of visa, adding family members are not available.
Points for additional services: 20

2) Visa for 10 years, Platinum Membership with price 1,500,000 baht.
Family members can be added to this visa program for 1,000,000 baht/each (have to provide proof of relationship with a notarized translation into English).
Points for additional services: 35

3) Visa for 15 years, Diamond Membership with price 2,500,000 baht.
You can also add family members to this visa program for 1,500,000 baht/each (have to provide  proof of relationship with a notarized translation into English).
Points for additional services: 55

We remind you that despite the increase in the cost of visas, there are no analogues to the Thailand Elite visa.
If you want to live comfortably in Thailand or visit it often, and does not plan to work or conduct any business activity here, there is no more convenient visa option.